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How to position clips end-to-end (abut clips) in the Propellerhead Reason sequencer

Often in Reason you may want to precisely align clips to each other, that is, place a clip so that it starts exactly at the end of another clip, with snap turned off. This is necessary when dealing with a gapless CD that has been ripped as separate WAV files, for example. This is possible in Reason. Here's how:
  1. In a new Reason song, import your first audio file (Ctrl+Shift+I).
  2. In the sequencer, click on the clip you just added to select it, and set loop to selection (Ctrl+L).
  3. Press the number 2 key on the numeric keypad of your computer keyboard to set the song position pointer to the Right locator.
  4. Import the next audio file. It will be imported at the song position pointer, which is exactly at the end of the first clip.
  5. Repeat this procedure until all audio files have been added.
This results in sample-accurate alignment of clips with truly gapless playback.

Propellerhead Reason Keyboard Shortcuts Chart

Propellerhead Reason Keyboard Shortcuts