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Nason P. Schooler - Audio Files

I am actually getting serious about working on a new album. My goal is to finish by the end of the summer or at least Christmas 2019. I will plan on posting new mixes here as I finish them. The original version of every track on this album is a full 7.1 surround mix. All other versions (5.1, Binaural, stereo, etc.) are derived from the 7.1 original.
Resonance 2 Beta 1 EP (3 GB) - Blu-ray disc image containing full 7.1 PCM versions of the 5 tracks completed as of 8/15/2019. (ISO file)
3D - HRTF surround encoded stereo for loudspeakers. These are optimized for playback over stereo speakers. They sound best if you sit in the sweet spot - imagine an equilateral triangle where each speaker is at a corner and you are at the third corner.

Binaural - Binaural HRTF encoding for headphones yields the best virtual surround when listening through headphones, earbuds, etc.

5.1 and 7.1 - Full multichannel surround files. To play these I just put them on a USB drive and play them on my Blu-Ray player (a $50 Sony unit with a USB port on front) which is hooked up to my receiver via HDMI. Mine can't handle 7.1 FLAC, so I have to convert it to 7.1 Wave first.

Flipped - 7.1 channel version, back swapped with sides. My player is non-compliant with the official WAVE file spec and places channels 7 and 8 in the back instead of the sides. If yours does this as well, then this flipped version is for you. If the main guitars in "100 Degrees" and "Sunday Glory" are in the back speakers, you've got the right version for your player.

(All files are FLAC format lossless audio)
  1. 100 Degrees In The Shade     Stereo   3D   Binaural   5.1   7.1   Flipped

  2. Sunday Glory     Stereo   3D   Binaural   5.1   7.1   Flipped

  3. A-Drive     Stereo   3D   Binaural   5.1   7.1   Flipped

  4. Good Family Dream     Stereo   3D   Binaural   5.1   7.1   Flipped  

  5. Victory Sun     Stereo   3D   Binaural   5.1   7.1   Flipped  

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